Below is the list of accepted papers:

Long papers

  • Dietmar Jannach and Malte Ludewig. “Investigating Personalized Search in E-Commerce”
  • Michael Ekstrand and Vaibhav Mahant. “Sturgeon and the Cool Kids: Problems with Random Decoys for Top-N Recommender Evaluation”
  • Francisco Pena and Derek Bridge. “Recommending from Experience”.

Short papers

  • Nevena Dragovic and Maria Soledad Pera. “Exploiting Reviews to Generate Personalized and Justified Recommendations to Guide Users’ Selections”
  • Jason Hall and Maria Soledad Pera. “UBR: A Book Search–Recommender Hybrid”
  • Sushma Channamsetty and Michael D. Ekstrand. “Recommender Response to Diversity and Popularity Bias in User Profiles”